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Orange County Cleaning Services

Orange County window cleaning services by Stanley Cleaning Solutions. We handle all residential and commercial window cleaning.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a vastly important part of both residential and commercial cleaning though it tends to go overlooked. Our window cleaning services will help your home and place of business shine and impress.

Orange County pressure washing by the experts at Stanley Cleaning Solutions. Owners always on site giving you the assurance that the job will get done right the first time. Affordable and quality services in OC!

Pressure Washing

Homes and commercial structures can become plagued by unsightly walkways, driveways, parking garages and dirty walls. Pressure washing eliminates stains, debris, graffiti, and leaves your surfaces looking like new.

Orange County glass restoration services by Stanley Cleaning Solutions

Glass Restoration

Replacing glass is both expensive and time consuming. Moreover scratched and cloudy glass can actually be restored and doesn't need to be replaced. Our services will save your glass, your time, and your money.

Orange County carpet cleaning services by Stanley Cleaning Solutions. Residential and commercial carpet cleaning services that is affordable. Owner always onsite ensuring your satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpeting cleaning keeps carpeting healthy and extends its life dramatically. These services are also key in keeping homes and businesses warm and hospitable.

Orange County construction cleanup by Stanley Cleaning Solutions. Top off your construction project by hiring the best window cleaners in Orange County. Get the job done right the first time!

Construction Cleanup

Construction crews leave behind large messes in the homes they've built. Paint splatters on windows, various types of debris is scattered across different types of flooring, and the smell of construction permeates newly built homes. Our crews clean and doll new houses up for staging and sale.

Orange County solar panel cleaning by Stanley Cleaning Solutions. We are experts at making sure your solar panels are cleaned properly and safely. Enhance your solar panels by cleaning them yearly.

Solar Panel Cleaning

For solar panels to operate at maximum efficiency they need to remain clean. Unfortunately as time passes and they collect dust and other types of debris their efficacy drops considerably. Our team of professional cleaners can restore the panels on your home or office so that they operate at optimum levels.

Ready to spend your free time doing something other than cleaning?

Our experienced team of cleaning professionals will handle all of your commercial and residential cleaning needs with the type of care and respect you expect and deserve.

5 Star Reviews

Thank you to Stanley Window Care for all their help. Not only do they do an incredible job with all their services. But, they also will point out anything they come across that i may have never noticed. Then on top of it all they are very helpful with pointing you in the right direction to get it handled/fixed. i highly recommend thi company.
Irvine, CA
I wanted to give a special Thank you to Jeff at Stanley Cleaning Solutions care who came out on Saturday (that he wasnt even working) to touch up some windows that had been hit by a stray sprinkler. We were having a big party and the windows were very visible. The customer service was much appreciated!
Laguna Niguel, CA
I am very happy I called Stanley Window care to Steam Clean the hard scape around my house. It had built up a lot of dirt and moss in the shaded areas. But, they came in and basically made it look new again. thank you for a great job.

Huntington Beach, CA