Orange County Construction Cleanup

Orange County construction cleanup by Stanley Cleaning Solutions. Top off your construction project by hiring the best window cleaners in Orange County. Get the job done right the first time!Contractors build beautiful homes but they tend to make quite the mess while they work. Their work often leaves paint splatter on carpet, windows, countertops, and all of the dirt and dust they stir up while working has to settle somewhere. Once construction on a new home has been completed there is considerable work to be done before it can be staged for sale or for showing.

This is where Stanley Cleaning Solutions can help. Our team of cleaning professionals reinvigorates newly built homes so that they are essentially “move in ready”. When we are tasked with returning new homes to a pristine state we work in teams for efficiency and speed. After an initial assessment has been made by the owner on site, specific teams are sent to specific areas within a home. These teams are tasked with duties which are related to their area of specialty.

Stanley Cleaning Solutions is Orange County’s premiere and most trusted construction clean up service. We prepare newly built homes for sale, be them small, large, single, or multiple floored. With our high standards, experienced employees, and our commitment to excellence we believe you’ll be impressed with our work.

Our Top Priority

Here at Stanley Cleaning Solutions our number one priority is customer satisfaction. If our customers aren’t 100% satisfied with our work we aren’t either. This is why we will return, free of charge, should any client ever find themselves unhappy with our work. We’ll re-clean any home that our clients feel is lacking in presentation in order to foster faith in our business and to help ensure that your reputation remains intact.

Protecting New Homes

In addition to cleaning new homes, Stanley Cleaning Solutions also works to protect these homes. After rigorous and thorough cleaning, protective, yet eco-friendly and non toxic, chemicals are applied to a variety of surfaces. These include, carpet and other types of flooring, windows, counter tops, etc. We not only take great pride in making new homes shine but in helping them stay cleaner for longer as well.

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