Orange County Glass Restoration

Orange County glass restoration services by Stanley Cleaning SolutionsIt’s not uncommon for persons with scratched windows to immediately begin looking at costs for replacement glass, though this should never be the first option anyone explores. More often than not, scratched glass and even glass that is cloudy and long neglected require no more than a restorative service treatment. Stanley Cleaning Solutions offers such services which aim to not only restore glass but make it shine and sparkle too.

Whether the glass in question belongs to a window, is part of a shower enclosure, or belongs to a solar panel, glass restoration services can help breathe life back into seemingly damaged glass. Best of all our glass restoration services can be utilized by homeowners, owners of commercial structures, landlords, and of course new construction contractors.

Say Goodbye To Graffiti, Scratches, and Calcium Deposits

Our glass restoration services will remove things like graffiti and scratches from places of business, residential homes, display cases, and all other types of glass enclosures. Additionally, the scratches left behind by home construction crews are removed leaving windows looking as though they were just installed. Calcium deposits, otherwise known as hard water stains, are also removed during the restorative process. This leaves windows absolutely clear with persons being capable of seeing both in and out without any obfuscation.

Future Proofing Your Glass

Ok so we’re not talking about future proofing in the traditional sense but we are talking about protecting your glass from future or recurring damage. Every piece of glass we restore is also given a protective chemical coating that helps prohibit and limit the type and amount of damage it can incur. This treatment along with regular cleanings helps keep glass in an attractive and presentable state.

In more precise terms, our protective treatments help our clients glass stand up to and resist calcium, water, wind, and heat. More importantly it negates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals which tend to wear glass down over time. More to the point, these treatments negate the need for frequent cleanings.

Protecting All Your Surfaces

While glass is the main focus of our restoration services, the protective aspect extends well beyond glass. If you’ve got porcelain such as toilets, sinks, and even bathtubs our services can help you protect your these surfaces as well. Our protective coatings will prevent water rings on kitchen and bathroom surfaces which means you won’t have to contend with these tough to remove stains. In addition to porcelain surfaces we can also help you protect your silica surfaces as well. 

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