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A professional pressure washing can do wonders for a home or a place of business. Pressurized hot water combined with a strong cleaning solution can remove things like graffiti, oil, mold, discoloration, shoe traffic marks, engine leaks, and much more. Things like stucco walls, parking garages, walkways, gutters, and even driveways can be nearly impossible to clean, at least in any significant manner. This is where pressure washing services come into play.

Professional pressure washing not only cleans a multitude of surfaces but it leaves them looking like new as well. A visit from a pressure washing pro will restore your home or place of business to a near pristine state. Professional Orange County pressure washing services help business and homeowners make a good first impression and provide their guests and employees with a comfortable and respectable work space.

Why Call A Professional Orange County Pressure Washer?

We understand that the pressure washing unit at your local hardware or retail store might be calling your name but these machines are small and vastly under powered when compared to the hardware we utilize. As such, they simply aren’t capable of producing the type of results many do-it-yourselfer’s hope for. There’s also the time factor here. Attempting to pressure wash your home or office with the aforementioned tools often consumes not just hours but sometimes days as well. Those who pay for the rental equipment, the weak solutions, spend/ hours or days cleaning, and then get the results they get can tell you exactly why you’d want to call a professional. Let us help you keep your home and/or office looking clean and presentable.

Do I Really Need An Orange County Pressure Washing Service?

If you own a home or place of business then yes, you most likely need a professional pressure washing service. This is because surfaces that endure both foot and vehicular traffic take a beating and become stained and sullied rather quickly. Homes and offices with dirty surfaces and walls tend to look unkempt and rather uninviting. This can be a huge determent to businesses. As for homeowners, homes suffering from these problems may have trouble selling and may loose value when they are presented for staging by agents and appraisers. Even those who aren’t selling their homes may find their homes dingy and dank; certainly not the type of home one wants to occupy.

The aforementioned may paint a gloomy picture but you needn’t worry. The vast majority of homes only need 1 or 2 professional pressure washing treatments per year. When it comes to businesses or commercial structures however the need will undoubtedly grow as these places see more foot traffic and often feature parking structures that constantly have cars going in and out of them. Some businesses will need to be pressure washed ever few months while others in wet, windy, or hot environments will require more frequent visits from pros.

More Than Clean Surfaces

Professional pressure washers do a great deal more than just clean a multitude of surfaces. Many individuals are surprised to learn that both during and after the initial cleaning, protective chemicals are applied to the surface in question. These protective coatings helps retard buildup/debris and can even help protect a surface from moisture and heat.

A proper pressure washing can also restore color, vibrancy, and luster to surfaces that have long been dampened by years of maltreatment. Brick, concrete, blacktop, and other surfaces can be made to look like new as industrial grade pressure washing equipment can often repair blemishes. This means that even old structures can be made to look like new and will impress even the most blase of persons.

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