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Pressure Washing Pitfalls

Pressure washing your walls, walkways, driveways, garages, etc can do wonders for both a home and a place of business. Pressure washers are often used before putting a home onto the market and are utilized several times a year by persons whom own commercial buildings. Due to the complexity of pressure washing work most people hire a professional pressure washer to shoulder the burden though there is a very staunch group of people who insist they do the work themselves. In this article we will look at some of the reasons the do-it-yourselfers struggle in producing satisfactory results.

The Pressure Washer – Pressure washing units are a dime a dozen these days. Available at nearly any retail, grocery, and home improvement store, pressure washers can be rented at relatively low prices. Making things even more convenient for consumers, these units almost always come with a premixed cleaning solution. While these affordable units are attractive to home and business owners looking to save a few dollars, they actually end up costing more in the long run. Retail/Rental pressure washing units are highly ineffective and are, more or less, glorified steamers. The engines that drive these units are far smaller and less powerful than industrial grade pressure washers. Less power means less effective pressure, less heat, less steam, and ultimately sub par results. Anyone that wants the type of results the professionals get will need a pressure washing unit that is part of a trailer unit…and these are expensive. Many of these mobile trailer units start as high as $11,000. Using a retail unit is fine but remember to temper expectations.

Cleaning Solutions – The pressure washing solutions available in stores are minimally effective and the fact that there are so many different ones available only serves to compound matters. Efficacy varies from brand to brand and not all solutions are non toxic nor eco-friendly so it behooves a do-it-yourselfer to do his/her homework before they head out buy any such solution. Those with children in the home will want to ensure they are working with something that won’t endanger kids nor harm the environment. Conversely, the solutions utilized by professional pressure washers are of the highest quality and strength. They are designed specifically for high powered and high grade washers. These solutions are almost always “green” and remove things like mold, graffiti, dried mud, crayon, paint, etc.

Knowledge And Experience – Although they are far less effective than professional pressure washing units, even retail machines require some know how if one wishes for good results. Trailer units require training before they can be used safely and to great effect. There’s also the issue of knowing which cleaning solutions work best on which surfaces and even how to dispose of waste properly after a job is finished. Many a do-it-yourselfer falls victim to ignorance even when they have the right tools for the job on hand.

Safety Issues – When one utilizes pressure washers there is a risk of serious burns and even deep cuts that result from contact with pressurized streams of water. Those who might use lifts and/or ladders are also at risk for falls, slips, and broken bones. Though injuries are uncommon they tend to be serious when they do happen. Most persons are conscience of the aforementioned risks which tends to impede their efforts. Working while fearing injury leads to sub par results.

Hiring A Professional Pressure Washer

In hiring a professional pressure washer, home and business owners take the burden of cleaning and using dangerous tools off their shoulders and place it on those who are trained and experienced in the trade. Moreover professionals complete the work in fraction of the time of most laypersons and do so without incident. Contrary to popular belief, professional pressure washers are relatively inexpensive and generally cost less than it does to the job oneself, especially when you consider time, the cost of rentals, and miscellaneous tools.

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