Professional Pressure Washing As An Add On Service

The age old adage that says, “find a niche and exploit it” is often referred to as “business 101” and whilst true, it’s important to remember that there is more to business than offering quality products/services that people need. Anyone whom owns and operates a business will also tell you that there are two main ways to generate more revenue. The first being to develop and offer new services and products. This is a must though R&D can be quite expensive and time consuming. The second way to generate additional revenue for your company is to convince existing customers to pay more for something they are already receiving. While this method certainly works when properly devised and rolled out, it can cause varying degrees of customer backlash.

A third and often overlooked option is the up sell or simply offering customers an optional but attractive add on service that fits within the parameters of something they’re already getting from you. This approach is essentially a combination of the two aforementioned strategies yet it deviates from them in remaining optional and it does not require exorbitant strategizing. Soft up selling can sell additional services without any pressure and don’t make your customers uncomfortable.

Professional Window Washers

Professional window cleaners can make a very good living servicing residential and commercial clients in their areas. Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of professional window cleaners but it can be difficult to maintain over the long term. Both home and business owners tend to forget about their resplendent windows shortly after your team packs up and leaves. Sure they know they’ll need your services again at some point but your company fades from memory as time goes on which means it’ll be even longer before your customers contact you for another booking.

One way to combat this issue is to simply offer add on services. A home or business owner whose windows are about to be cleaned by your company might also have a driveway that’s stained by automotive oils or a stucco wall that’s growing mold. And there’s nothing wrong with gently pointing that out to loyal clients while you follow it with a casual offer. “How long has it been since you’ve had that wall cleaned, it looks like it could use some TLC” can be followed with something to the effect of “While we’re here I could return that wall (and any other surface) to a pristine state so that your home/business continues looking great.” This type of approach can not only expose clients to your lesser known services but give them something they may not have known they needed. More often than not customers tend to bite and figure “why not while you’re here?”

Education Is Key

While the goal of introducing your clients to your pressure washing services should always lean towards the soft approach the more you know and can demonstrate, the more interested your customers will be. While explaining how pressure washing works in general and how effective it is, is all fine and good be prepared to discuss the eco-friendly nature of the process as well as the non toxic cleaning chemicals you utilize in your work. You might also want to research the fact that pressure washing uses far less water than do traditional cleaning methods. Nothing is quite as awkward as introducing a service you know very little about. Come to each job prepared and educated. The more you know, the more your customers will want it.

Safety First

It’s not uncommon for customers to decline an add on service because they plan on doing it themselves. While the do-it-yourself mindset is admirable, the truth of the matter is that pressure washing can be very dangerous. This is especially true when inexperienced persons attempt to use commercial grade hardware and don’t understand how dangerous cleaning chemicals can be. As a professional you not only utilize the very best pressure washing hardware but you and your staff are trained extensively in their use. Moreover you know which cleaning solutions work best on which surfaces and have access to highly effective yet non toxic solutions that are safe for use around families. In communicating these facts to your customers and emphasizing the safety aspect of the job you increase the likelihood of them taking you up on your offer.

Bundled And/Or Discounted

Ok sure, the goal here is to make more money but by introducing your customers to a service they might not know of at a special price you make the entry point more affordable, the service more enticing, and can charge them full price when they book you for repeat work down the line. Pressure washing is an excellent service to bundle with standard window cleaning as the two really go hand in hand, especially whereas the exteriors of a home or business are concerned. What are clean windows when your stucco or brick walls look dull, dirty, and neglected? Why not have the whole of your home or business cleaned all at once to really impress visitors, business associates, and even buyers?

Think One Stop Shop

Professional window cleaners are often thought of as that…nothing more than window cleaners. While there are certainly those firms that do nothing but windows, most professionals in the window business have expanded their business model to include things like pressure washing and even glass restoration. In attaching add on services to your standard window cleaning services you make yourself a one stop shop for all things home and commercial cleaning. The more services you offer, the more potential there is for revenue. Doing so also helps you stay one step ahead of your competition. Never sit on your laurels and never sleep on your competitors. Be first and be the best at everything you do!

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