Orange County Solar Panel Cleaning

Orange County solar panel cleaning by Stanley Cleaning Solutions. We are experts at making sure your solar panels are cleaned properly and safely. Enhance your solar panels by cleaning them yearly.Solar power is sweeping the world and is rapidly being adopted by contractors, legislators, homeowners, landlords, and business owners. This is because the technology has grown to the point where its efficiency has surpassed its costs. Homes and offices utilizing solar power can use a great deal of power without penalty and in fact will often receive refunds each month for the power that they have left in storage.

Despite the soaring popularity of solar power and its modern efficacy, there is still one major drawback to using this type of energy. That being the solar panels themselves. Although they are well constructed, solar panels fall prey to dirt, dust, and other types of debris. As solar panels become dirty, and they tend to quickly, their functionality degrades. Left neglected for long enough, solar panels can become completely unusable. Solar panels need to be cleaned by a professional regularly if they are to operate at optimum levels and remain the investment individuals hoped for.

Professional Orange County Solar Panel Cleaning For Optimal Performance

Cleaning solar panels on your own is a risky venture at best. Not only must one climb ladders and work on the roof of a home or building but great care must be taken in cleaning them as well. Solar panels, while sturdy, are made of glass and can crack, shatter, scratch etc. which can hinder their performance or outright necessitate the need for replacements. Knowing which tools and chemicals are safe to use on which panels is of the utmost importance.

Our employees have years of experience in cleaning solar panels and do fantastic work. Outside of your satisfaction, their number one goal is to ensure that the solar panels they clean continue to deliver the type of energy collection, conversion, and storage that you have come to expect from them. Furthermore we are licensed and bonded for your protection. This means that responsibility for all accidents and damage falls solely on our shoulders. With an owner on site at every job, our employees work with the care and respect you’d expect them to give to their own solar panels.

Green Solar Panel Cleaning

Stanley Cleaning Solutions takes great pride in working with only those chemicals and tools that are certified “green”. All of our cleaning solutions are safe for the environment, people, and pets. This means that our clients don’t have to leave their home or work place while we do our work. Additionally, we work quickly and quietly so as not to disturb your work or leisure time.

How Often Do Solar Panels Need To Be Cleaned?

On average, solar panels should be cleaned 2-3 times a year. Of course, frequency is going depend on things like climate, surroundings, weather, and is often different for residences and businesses. Solar panels that are installed near trees or in areas where it’s windy, sandy, or dusty for example will need our services much more frequently than will houses and businesses in friendlier locations/climates. An assessment by one of our owners will tell you exactly how often you should have us out to clean your solar panels. You can also contact us for a free quote!

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