Fundamentals of Housecleaning: Window Cleaning.

“Your home is lovely” is what you’d like to hear every time someone walks into your house. This statement isn’t usually given to everyone… well, unless they want something from you. This is a loaded statement that when genuine, usually means that your home is worth living in. With every one wants to live in a warm, cozy place. That place however, has to be clean.

The cleaning part of making a home lovely is what many people really struggle with. This statement can be put to the test when it comes to cleaning windows. If there’s one chore that most people abhor is having to clean the windows but did you know with a little planning, you can make this task much, much easier and far more enjoyable?

1.A squeegee.

If there’s something ghastlier than looking at Voldemort’s leering face is having to look out the window, only for the lovely view outside to be a distraction to the white streak running down the window. The streaks are as a result of the window not drying evenly, and beads of soapy water having run down the pane.

You don’t have to worry about them anymore. Simply get yourself a good rubber squeegee and put it to good use after your done cleaning the pane.

2. A razor blade.

This one is more of a life hack than preparation, but now that you’re about to know, next time you’ll be prepared. Don’t you just hate it when some sort of adhesive leaves behind a visible mess of stickiness? Well, you’re not the only one.

Good thing though, there is a perfectly good way to get rid of them without scratching up your windows. Wash the glass but don’t dry it. The water will act as a lubricant for what is to come. Whip out the razor blade and begin scraping. The trick though, is to do it in one direction. Going in all sorts of direction will lead to scratching and leaving visible marks much worse than the adhesive you were trying to remove.

3. A vacuum cleaner.

Well, there’s many parts to your window, not just the pane. The frame is a big part of your setup, and it also needs some TLC. The wind may have pushed debris into little crevices around the window, and bugs may have found ample real estate to start a clan. Getting rid of these critters and other debris that may have accumulated there will need a special kind of tool.

The vacuum wand is that tool, excellent at fitting into small spaces and sucking out the unwanted invaders of that space. And while you’re at it, why not show that you care by taking care of something else?

That window has been sliding on its rail for some time now, and the creaking has gotten worse. Well, what it really needs is a good lubrication. You can achieve this by using a light oil, or if you’re not sure what to use, head into the kitchen and grab a paraffin candle. Run it along the track and you’ll be good for some time.

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