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Six Tips For Cleaning Your Home’s Windows

Cleaning your home’s windows can be quite the undertaking. It’s often an exhaustive endeavor that leaves you feeling unsatisfied and your windows spotted/streaked. While window cleaning is always much easier for professionals, you can not only find greater success in your work and have a much easier time cleaning your windows by following tips from the pros.

Timing Is Everything – Ok, so this is somewhat of a hyperbolic statement but cleaning your windows when the weather is being cooperative is a huge part of any success you will have. The internet and mobile devices make checking weather easy and plans for cleaning should revolve around favorable weather. Not only should you clean only when the weather is conducive to cleaning but you will want to avoid cleaning windows close to days where weather might not be so good. Waiting for several days or even weeks of good weather will ensure your work isn’t ruined by rain, wind, or extreme temperatures.

Dry Cleaning Windows – Using a soft bristled brush or soft dye free cloth, you should wipe your windows down before you apply any solutions. Doing so will remove cobwebs, loose dirt, and dust. Getting these things wet complicates cleaning and makes the process more laborious so always dry clean first.

Mix Your Own Cleaners – Most of the cleaners you will find at retail and home improvement stores contain toxic chemicals that can harm your family. Fortunately, you can mix your own cleaning solution and in the process save money while doing something positive for the environment. It’s also worth noting that this 50-50 mix of white vinegar and hot water is much more effective than those found on store shelves.

Removing Dirt – With your cleaning solution mixed and dry cleaning done, you can now begin cleaning in earnest. Utilizing a sponge or lint free cloth wet your windows and begin rubbing the dirt away. Rub in a circular pattern for best results and be mindful of how much solution you apply. Drenching your windows with a deluge of solution can be a catalyst for mold, warping, and paint peeling.

Squeegee Away – Squeegees are used to remove excess water and cleaning solution from windows so they are an extremely important part of this process. You’ll want to wet your squeegee with water so that the blade doesn’t skip and then beginning at the top of a window…pull from the top to the bottom. Make certain that you use straight strokes and wipe your blade with a dry lint free cloth. Repeat the aforementioned until an entire window has been wiped.

One Last Thing – After windows have been thoroughly cleaned, it is incredibly important to clean window frames and sills in order to protect them from both damage and becoming dirty. A damp cloth should be used to wipe these two areas down and then be followed by a dry cloth so as to absorb any remaining moisture.

Calling In Professionals

At any point in the window cleaning process should you find yourself vexed, tired, regretful, lost, or with questions be sure to contact a professional in your local area. Most will happily provide tips and should you need their help, the vast majority are surprisingly inexpensive and can clean your windows much more thoroughly and in a fraction of the time that you can. Professionals can save you time, money, hassle, and headache.

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