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Window Cleaning Tips and Cleaning Mistakes

You may have friends who have their windows cleaned by professionals, and you may have noticed that they always are clean, even after a wind storm followed by a light rain. Your recently cleaned windows are likely in need of a good cleaning again and not just a quick wash with water from the hose.

Professional window cleaners possess a wealth of knowledge in using proper techniques and cleaning solutions, though they don’t readily give trade secrets out to anyone whom call.. One thing you can rely on however is that they have the equipment necessary to get the job done in a timely fashion. By following the lead of professional advice you obtain via word of mouth or the internet you’ll have greater success when you decide to wash windows on your own.

Today many of the new homes have higher ceilings and the windows are higher and harder to reach without a small ladder. Be careful though for if you fall, and if you say ‘if’ substitute the words with ‘when you fall’, you’ll have no choice but to hire someone else to clean them. Call a professional Orange County window cleaner, and it won’t cost near as much as that broken hip.

When to Clean Those Windows

As you begin to formulate and strategize the cleaning of your windows there are several things you should keep in mind. Doing so will ensure you that the process is less laborious and yields greater more satisfying results.

Talk about mistakes, when the sun is shining where you want to clean, you’d be better off to go inside and watch that soap opera. However when you can’t wait any longer, go to the shade on the other side of the home. You’ll not be happy when you wash windows in the sun. They streak and you’d be better off washing them again . . . in the shade.

Windows and the sun just don’t work together. That is a rule you don’t want to break even when you start on the inside. The sun dries the cleaner before you get to it.

Another thing that will help you is to remove the window screens before you begin. It’s easy to do, you just lean the screens on a bush, or something else that’s sturdy, then rinse them off with the garden hose. Just don’t lean them against your car, because if you use the window cleaner to clean them, that cleaner will remove the wax on your car.

If done regularly you may not have to scrub your screens to get them clean, the garden hose will do the job for you. After the hose wash, allow them to dry and install them when you finish. The windows must be clean and dry too.

Just keep in mind to clean your windows when the sun is on the other side of your home, inside or out. When it’s cloudy, you should have no problem starting anywhere on your home as it’s generally cooler and direct sunlight is inhibited by cloud cover.

The easiest way is to wash windows is to wash the only in the shade, under a canopy, or even under an awning. As the sun moves from one side of your home to the other, take advantage of the shady side and start washing quickly before the sun gets around to where you are.

What Not to Use

Remember using newspapers to clean your home’s windows? You might be too young to remember such a thing however it’s important to know that the ink on newspapers runs and dries quickly on windows. So forget the newspaper and stick with a soft dry cloth, soft brush, and a good sponge.

What about paper towels? Well they’d probably get the job done and when you come back a bit later, you may find them dusty, so there has to be a better product. Besides, paper towels aren’t cheap and there are less expensive options available.

To remove the dust and dirt on your windows before you clean them, simply use plain water from the hose outside, along with a wet cloth on their interiors.

What to Use

Now we’re getting somewhere. Thought we’d never get here. Have you ever heard of micro-fiber cloths? If you have, you know why we suggest using them to clean your windows. They are small, similar in size to a hand towel, and you can find them in those Dollar Stores or 99 Cent stores. The big box stores also have them, but you have to buy dozens, not two or three individual cloths. Now if you are a Professional Window Cleaner, you know, they come just as that old adage says, cheaper by the dozen.

Back to the windows. Now you know which type of cloth cleans the best. But should you use plain water to spray on your outside windows? Nope! You need to use either white vinegar mixed with water, or the glass cleaner product in your grocery store. They come with a pump sprayer that is extremely easy to use, even if you have to stand on a ladder to get it done.

When you start to clean are there areas covered in tiny fingerprints? Clean those first utilizing alcohol as it works well on those sticky prints. Just rub your solution on the window with a cotton pad, and the blemishes will be eradicated.

Spraying the Cleaner

Spray on the glass cleaner from top to bottom. If you spray too much, it will run off the window and onto whatever is under the window. When you’re inside, have a towel ready to wipe off the excess spray.

Once the spray is on the window wipe it off, starting at the top and finishing at the bottom. Use separate clothes to dry the window and another clean one to shine it when you’re finished.

Have you considered Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner?

If you’re just reading the directions and are already tired, why not call us. We are Orange County professional window cleaners and we will get the job done right, both outside and inside. Just telephone the number at the top of this page and we will come to your home or place of business, see what windows you want washed and give you a FREE estimate. Call us today. (949)786-0816

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